Oct. 10 (Sat)
Overview of Synchrotron Radiation M. Ree >>>Text
Ring Accelerator Physics H. Tanaka>>>Text
X-ray Monochromator T. Matsushita>>>Text
Mirror, and Multilayers T. Matsuhita>>>Text
X-ray Beamline Design H. Ohashi >>>Text

Oct. 11 (Sun)
Light Source I T. Tanaka>>>Text
Light Source II T. Tanaka>>>Text
X-ray Free Electron Laser T. Shintake >>>Text

Oct. 12 (Mon)
Diffraction and Scattering B. Kennedy >>>Text
EUV and Soft-X-ray Optics D. Attwood >>>Text
EUV and Soft-X-ray Beamlines D. Attwood>>>Text
Single Crystal Diffraction J. Overgaard >>>Text >>>Ex

Oct. 14 (Thu)
Powder Diffraction B. Kennedy >>>Text
EXAFS I. Watanabe >>>Text
Pump and Probe Experiment M. Wulff >>>Text
Soft and Hard X-ray Microscopy D. Attwood >>>Text

Oct. 15 (Fri)
Detectors R. Lewis >>>Text
Small-Angle Scattering Y. Amemiya>>>Text
Atomic and Molecular Physics K. Ueda>>>Text
Protein Crystallography T. Kumasaka >>>Text
Soft-X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy K. Amemiya >>>Text
X-ray Fluorescence Analysis I. Nakai >>>Text
Photoemission (2): PEEM and Nanoscience A. Tadich >>>Text
Medical Imaging R. Lewis >>>Text
Photoemission (1): Spectroscopy K. Tsuei>>>Text

Oct. 18
Inelastic X-ray Scattering A. Baron >>>Text
Future of SR T. Ishikawa >>>Text