The qualification requirements of the Cheiron School students are undergraduate students, young scientists and engineers related to synchrotron facilities in the Asia-Oceania region. Participants need the recommendation from AOFSRR council members or associate members to attend the school. If you wish to join the school, please contact the council or associate members in your country.

Japan domestic participants need a recommendation from a director of one of the following seven synchrotron radiation facilities (KEK-PF, UVSOR, Ritsumeikan University SR Center, SPring-8, New SUBARU, HiSOR, SAGA Light Source). If you wish to join the Cheiron School, please contact them.

Session for self-introduction of participants

The participants are requested to send a one-page self-introduction with your face photograph in the Microsoft Power Point format to the secretariat by Friday, Sep. 24th, which will be distributed to all participants and staff to facilitate communication. On the first day of the school, there will be a session for self-introduction. Each participant is given one minute to talk about his/her interests in SR.